The Andrew Weissman Show with Special Guest Marc Ashley

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This episode was broadcasted LIVE from Greensboro, North Carolina with our very special guest, President & COO of Market America | SHOP.COM, Marc Ashley.

At #MAWC2017, Marc showed us how to shop smarter to save money, make money and create more Cashback, BV and IBV. He discussed all of the latest developments and enhancements to the Shopping Annuity Bonus Program (SABP), ShopBuddy, all of the consumer facing websites (ie.,;, as well as which included the new UnFranchise management reports.

For those of you who were in attendance at the World Conference, you may remember that Marc ran short on time and couldn't finish his presentation. For this episode of The AW Show Marc will provide us with the information that he was scheduled to cover at the general session at #MAWC2017. This is must see TV as you will learn about things you have never heard or seen before.

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