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The Andrew Weissman Show is a bi-weekly show where Andrew Weissman Vice President of Market America will sit down with a wide array of guests and ask the questions we all wish we could!! Be sure to tune in and set reminders for this engaging show!

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  • 10/25/2017 07:00 PM EDT

    The Andrew Weissman Show!!!

    My special guests will be Vice President of Business Integration, Chris Peddycord and Executive Director, Charlie Baer who oversees the financial services division - SHOP Financial. This will be a very informative and valuable broadcast. The new Shopping Annuity Assessment is now live and has been completely overhauled to make building a Shopping Annuity more convenient, efficient and effective. With the new enhancements, the Assessment has become more personalized and resourceful so that UnFranchise owners can easily stay on track to create an ongoing income. By completing the new Assessment; you are taking a giant leap forward to receive better information, recommendations and reminders to build your Shopping Annuity. During this broadcast, we will take a close look at the key enhancements to the Shopping Annuity Assessment. We will also learn about other technology developments related to During the show we will also discuss how Shop Financial and Debt Shredder will help you to eliminate debt, build cash reserves and accumulate wealth, using proven banking strategies and complex algorithms. Debt Shredder has the unique ability to adjust as situations change in an individuals financial journey. View Live Meet

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