Fundamentals & Basic 5 - Fast Track Session 1

Price: 5.00 Credits

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The fast track is designed to compress 6 months into 4 weeks. This system is mirrored off of JR's original 90 day fast track and merged with the tool and tech. we have today. The fast track outlines the exact plan to follow to hit your daily, weekly and monthly targets to achieve growth faster and make duplicating the process simple.

For those that are ready to build in a hurry - this is the system you want to follow!

Session one is Fundamentals and Applying all of the Basic 5 to build your business. This session covers:

- Intro to building in 30 day increments
- 5 Fundamental Steps every owner needs to complete before building
- Workshop for all 5 steps
- Fast Track Play Book covering: Events, Education, Shopping Annuity, Creating Leads Funnel and Appointment Setting w/ Top 10
- Power of 10
- Accountability

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