30 Day Fast Track: Kick Off and Action Plan - Week 1 Replay

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Week 1 is officially kicked off! This is the replay for week 1 of the fast track 4 week series.

The Fast Track is designed to learn how to build the basics of the UnFranchise business while learning new skills to accelerate the 2-3 year plan in a digital age. The Fast Track will teach:
- Social Media do’s and don’ts
- Mastering FB
- Webinars/ In Homes/ one on ones/ merging all these techniques together
- How to find over 1,000 new people in 90 days
- How never to run out of prospects
- How to set accurate goals and break it down into logical steps
- ACCOUNTABILITY - weekly check ins to make sure you’re on track
- Becoming a Shopping Annuity Master Member - maximize margins
- How to consistently hit Master UFO
- Building online, in homes, and connecting it all through the GMTSS

The Fast Track is a 4 week commitment to mastering your business. I hope you join us. Feel free to join the Facebook group Directors Group Fast Track to stay connected to all those making the effort to build!

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