Ronnie Tsunami is a Technology Advisor and Speaker, with a specialization in digital marketing (internet, social media and mobile marketing), helping entrepreneurs to embrace the latest tools, techniques and technologies to accelerate the growth of their business. His entire career has been focused on never being satisfied with the "status quo," and pushing the envelope with innovation.

With a career in Information Technology spanning over 20 years, Ronnie started in the US Air Force and has served as Lead Network Engineer for the Secretary of Defense, Director of Information Services for the Congressional Commission on Veterans Affairs, and Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a national training company managing the technology training programs of 150 colleges and universities.

As a Learning Solution Architect, Ronnie's training programs have been implemented in over 10,000 academic institutions and enterprise organizations around the world including Microsoft, the US Air Force, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Time Warner Cable and many more.

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