Part 1: Enhanced IBV Plan and The 10/20/30 Accrual Option Criteria: Cash Back Vs Double + IBV. Which is better? Both at ½ what they could be or Better Cash back for customers and Double + IBV for UFO’s?

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Learn how BV and IBV working synergistically with the MPCP and in alignment with Shopping Annuity rather than antagonistically or competing with it will lead to a big win for everyone. Join JR Ridinger as he explains why BV and IBV must be separated. You are being given a grace period to transition from using Market America’s exclusive products (BV products) in order to satisfy the 10/20/30 IBV Monthly Accrual Option. Now with 50BV cap in place, you can switch to the true IBV products to satisfy the IBV Monthly Accrual Option. The options to do this are very strong and will be released between now and the deadline and were explained at convention in Kevin Buckman’s, Chris Peddycord’s and Marc Ashley’s stage presentations. JR encourages you to review Kevin, Chris, and Marc’s presentations before going through the attached presentation and attending the MeetON training.

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