The Year of Doing More and Prospecting and Recruiting -Starting the New Year Fast - 90 Day Fast Track - Week 11

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The Year of Doing More and Prospecting and Recruiting. Are you ready to start the year fast? Do you want to hit the goals that you have set for this year? Sunday, January 7th we focused on getting the new year started FAST! This 90 day fast track will help you move to another level in the business. Accountability is key and we will be working each week to improve the basic fundamentals which lead to huge success. We look forward to working with you and making a difference in your life. Please make sure to join the FB group - 90 Day Fast Track - Jim Winkler

  • Broadcaster: Jim Winkler
  • Language: English
  • Added: 01/07/2018 10:22 PM EST
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  • Length: 58:22

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