Week 6 Follow Up Like a Professional ~ 90 Day Fast Track

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This is By Far the Number 1 Step that is Missed and Misunderstood when we are coaching people. There are some simple steps to follow and yet why do so many, do the heavy lifting of approaching but NEVER FOLLOW UP!?!?

We Will be Training on the Tools and Steps needed to build a Solid Customer Base and Team!
Through 5 weeks we are rocking it with the following Results:
51 New Partners
274 Tickets Sold
716 New BV Customers
172,686 BV from Customers
Congratulations to EVERYONE!!

Book we are Reading ~ Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki *We will be reading this for the Second 4 weeks of the fast track.

Video #1 of the Week – All about Follow Up Phone Calls with Trinity Haskins ~ https://youtu.be/6hV6h9ritLg

Audio of the Week – The Fortune is in the Follow Up with Director Olivia Li (Search on your UnFranchise Media Player App.) Http://unf.to/BxD

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