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Tonight’s Guest Host Shira Leigh, Artists & Sponsorship Specialist, discusses the Who, What, When, Why and How artists can partner with sponsors to propel their career. It is a two-way street and Shira takes the musician through all the steps to make getting a sponsor a "do-able" task. It is not as hard as one may think. It just takes a bit of organization, planning and coordinating... Yep... Even artists have to put together goals to be successful, even if it's called a wish list... wish/goal... all the same in order to be organized so one can measure, monitor, adjust and control their career.

Take it from someone who is a specialist in this field. Once again, Conquer comes through with information that is timely and extremely beneficial.

The Topics:
• Who: Make a wish list.
– What brands do you like?
– What products do you use?
– Who do you know?
• What: Building a long term relationship
– May start small
– Rep the brand
– Offer sponsor "benefits" in exchange for promotion product
and/or dollars
• When: Identify the right timing – are you ready?
– What do you have going on? Shows, tours, releases, press etc.?
• Why: Offsets Cost, Legitimizes your Brand, Increases Exposure
• How: Creating a sponsor deck, Follow-Up, Seal the Deal, Recap

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