Lifestyle Marketing Series

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Conquer Entertainment will host our LIFESTYLE MARKETING SERIES. This training is specially designed to help you become a better retailer and increase your Internet footprint. This will be a FREE online series that will be hosted bi-weekly on Sunday evenings from 7pm – 8pm est. Our featured presenters are field ambassadors that excel at the topic they have been chosen to speak on. Training dates and topics:
• Sept 3 – Trend Shops
• Sept 17 – Contest Workshop
• Oct 1 – Implementing a Lifestyle Assessment
• Oct 15 – Engaging your Social Media Following
• Oct 29– Understanding your WHY through GOALS statements
• Nov 12 –Utilize BLOGs to increase your Internet footprint
• Nov 26 – Stay connected with Newsletters
• Dec 10 – Features Tell, Benefits Sell, Trying is Buying
• Jan 7 – Getting paid on Commissions
• Jan 21– Increasing your Internet Footprint

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