Connecting the Dots - Video Debut

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Besides packing up the car, van, or truck and hitting the road for the next gig, the musician is also selling their merch at shows to make money for gas, studio time, hotel and food. For the serious musicians who are working at their craft to make it a career or land that label, they are stepping up their game to cash in on music industry and they know there’s more to it… but where and who do they turn to?

This week Kirk Aidoo has as his guests Director of Conquer Entertainment Jorgen Bailey and the brilliant Marketeers Michele and Tony Molinaro. This week Conquer Entertainment debuts Michele and Tony’s video “Connecting the Dots” and Jorgen shares just how we are helping artists leverage the internet with the right tools. Here is where musicians, and Entrepreneurs, learn the steps Artist and Entrepreneurs need to take in order to better connect their Internet presence. Musicians also will get an understanding as to why it is important and just how Conquer works with the “serious” musician, both emerging and the legacy artists.

After watching this week’s broadcast, you can go back to watch not only “Connecting the Dots”, but also Michele and Tony’s “What is Conquer” video at

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