Social Media 101: Successful Social Media Strategies for UnFranchise Owners (ISM)


Ryan Stack Download to your calendar
07/18/2018 08:00 PM EDT to 07/18/2018 09:30 PM EDT
Price: 10.00 Credits

ISM: Internet Sales and Marketing training is a 4 part training series designed to educate UnFranchise owners on the tools, websites and other online resources and learn how to apply them to increase sales and expand distribution.

Social Media 101 session will cover:

Social Media Opportunity:
- Social Media Users and massive network
- Power of building strong networks

Best Practices:
- Creating Content that works
- Know Your Platform
- IG Planning
- Traditional VS Attraction Marketing
- Bitly Links

Social Searching Online Workshop
- Assess Page
- Content Planning
- Making Posts
- Contacting people
- Mindful Scroll and Response
- Hashtag Search


This is perfect for those who are advanced and those who are just getting started. Learning how to leverage social media the right way WILL make a major impact on your business!

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