maWebcenters WCT 101 Succeeding with Webcenters


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10/21/2017 08:30 AM EDT to 10/21/2017 12:00 PM EDT
Price: 25.00 Credits

This is a live broadcast of the WCT 101 in Poughkeepsie NY, Attend the live session if possible.

The maWebCenters Certification Course 101 is designed to give you a simple and duplicatable system for building your UnFranchise as a WebCenter Owner.

4-part Appointment Setting Workshop
Goal Setting Workshop

The Product:
How does our product compare and benefit your customer
The Opportunity:
WebCenter goal setting and strategic planning
Simple Sales Approach:
How to sell appointments
Using Your WebCenter:
WebCenter fundamentals
Learning Business Building:
Duplicating WebCenters in your organization

Please bring:
UFO ID number
WebCenter Getting Started Guide
You can download or print the WCT 101 Handout

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