GoNow GamePlan: Business Building in Summer


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First Monday of the month, learn simple action items which will increase your effectiveness on social media, with the Shopping Annuity and with your UnFranchise Business.

Socially Speaking – One tip of the week to be more effective and one post of the week that you can do!

Consumer Corner – Learn about one new BV product each week, how it’s best used, how it compares to other products on the market and how to get it

Shopping Annuity Hack – Shining a light on ways to fund your shopping annuity now: whether it’s with seasonal spending, regular spending or savings – we will focus on just one thing you can do this week to grow your SA!

Business Building - One tip on prospecting, recruiting, sponsoring and/or team building.

Retailing - Learn retailing strategies to build your customer base

Brainspanking of the Week – Highlight and discuss one of the articles from JR, Loren, Market America or the Shopping Annuity.

GMTSS Roundup – Takeaways and recap from previous events, heads up on upcoming events and tips for getting more of your organization to attend events.

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