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  • 03/25/2017 10:00 AM EDT

    nutraMetrix LIVE Implementation Intensive

    Join Sarah Tugender, nutraMetrix National Sales Manager, LIVE from Braintree, Massachusetts! This 3-hour course will introduce concepts that are essential to an effective nutraMetrix implementation, helping health professionals and their staff learn how to integrate a successful wellness program into their practice. The course begins with core points to customize the vision and goals for the practice, customizing product selection, and an overview of how to systematize implementation within an office. Suggested Audience: Ideal attendees would include health professionals, including those who are new to nutraMetrix or evaluating nutraMetrix as a fit for their practice. Staff members and those planning to attend nutraMetrix Training are also encouraged to attend, as well as current or prospective nutraMetrix Consultants. View Live Meet

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