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Ryan Stack Supervising Coordinator w/ SHOP.COM

This channel is a resource to all those who are building a SHOP.COM / Market America Unfranchise Business. There's a movement going on and here's what I believe we can do together as SHOP.COM owners:

We can challenge & change the way the world does business by linking together households, customers, retail stores and small businesses worldwide.
We can change the business mindset from competition to collaboration.
We can pioneer SHOP.COM as the future of franchising
We can give the average person control of their life – their money - and their time
We can Inspire Entrepreneurism and Create Total Time and Financial Independence that Lasts Generations.

I'm in the wheelbarrow - are you in!?

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  • 05/01/2017 08:00 PM EDT

    Fast Track Week 2: 10X Faster Growth: Becoming a Shopping Annuity Master Member

    FAST TRACK WEEK 2: The Shopping Annuity has changed the game and those who are becoming Shopping Annuity Master Members are growing 10x faster and earning over 100% more on average. This session of the Fast Track we're going to talk about: - The power behind the numbers of the Shopping Annuity - New Generation Testimonials - How to achieve the SABP and get ahead with the roll over - How to duplicate this in your organization - The power in numbers and maximizing the MPCP This is one not to miss. View Live Meet

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