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Ryan Stack Supervising Coordinator w/ SHOP.COM

This channel is a resource to all those who are building a SHOP.COM / Market America Unfranchise Business. There's a movement going on and here's what I believe we can do together as SHOP.COM owners:

We can challenge & change the way the world does business by linking together households, customers, retail stores and small businesses worldwide.
We can change the business mindset from competition to collaboration.
We can pioneer SHOP.COM as the future of franchising
We can give the average person control of their life – their money - and their time
We can Inspire Entrepreneurism and Create Total Time and Financial Independence that Lasts Generations.

I'm in the wheelbarrow - are you in!?

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  • 03/13/2017 09:00 PM EDT

    FAST TRACK Kick Off - 30 Day Action Plan

    The new fast track is kicking off! We've had so many requests to host this training series so here it is! What is the fast track: The fast track is 4 weeks of LIVE Trainings w/ Live Q and A at the end of every session. This fast track mirrors JR's original 90 fast track with modern tools and techniques applied to it! It's rocket fuel to the original system! The session will include: - Action plan and kick off to making the 2-3 year plan the 12-18 month plan - Daily weekly monthly system to make sure you remain accountable and consistent - Goal Setting, Goal Grids, Maximizing information and systems already in place - GMTSS - building event to event and building at a distance - SOCIAL MEDIA: best techniques to maximize your results and leverage your time - Building Massive Amounts of Networks - DIGITAL RECRUITING - Home events merged with digital events - perfect combination - Video assets to leverage training AND MORE! This program is designed to take those who are ready to build NOW and will make your business a priority for the next 30 days. We're going to move fast but everything covered can be accomplished in 10 -15 hours per week. Register now - message your teams to leverage this training to help grow your business - join DIRECTORS GROUP FAST TRACK fb group to get connected with other people doing the fast track! Lets end Q1 with a bang and set the rest of your 2017 up for success! Go time! Questions - email Ryan@thestackgrp.com View Live Meet

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